Pumptitude Testimonials

Dennis Archer

Dennis Archer

Continuous and never-ending improvement. Just one of the many valuable takeaways I gleaned from Pumptitude. I read the first book en route to Greenville, SC to see our Michelin client. The simple approach you took in introducing the book’s many important lessons, coupled with your colorful anecdotes, made it a very pleasant read.

I wish my law school books were as interesting! My team, wife and friends would all suggest that I am ADD to a greater or lesser extend. Many of your lessons were about focus. Top of the list was writing down the five things you want to do today. Today was day one of me implementing this. I cannot tell you how many times I have had in my mind what I wanted to get done, then I get to the office, team members start coming in to talk, phone rings, emails back up, and the tasks move to tomorrow, then tomorrow, etc. I am confident that committing my five to writing will help. Thank you so much for giving me the books. I have already passed Pumptitude to a team member, and will continue to do so throughout our executive team. I would love for you to speak to my staff at some point. I will be reading Maximum Pumptitude as soon as I get it back from Dean, and will also investigate some of the books in your suggested reading list.

Mike Lipkin

Mike Lipkin

I have just spent the last four hours reading Maximum Pumptitude. It’s fabulous. I feel as though I’ve had an inspiration transfusion. Every page held an “AHA” for me. I feel like you invited me to step into your world and accelerate my velocity of gratitude, sharing, learning, and love. I especially enjoyed the story of Home Show Canada and opening six stores in one day in Montreal.

You and I are living proof that we’re only as good as the people who push us to do more. Thank you for four precious hours of maximum learning and enjoyment. I will pay it forward.

Carolyn G. Goodman

Carolyn G Goodman

Oscar joins me in thanking you both for the copies of Pumptitude and Maximum Pumptitude! He is reading one, and I the other, enjoying all the life tidbits and motivational enthusiasm. They’re grand.

Brian Tracy

Author Brian Tracy

Congratulations on another terrific book! It is like crack. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. You have distilled so many great ideas for success and happiness in one place (again!) that I don’t know where to start. I have always known, from way back in the Woodward days, that you are one of the best executives of your generation. With these books and articles, you continue to demonstrate your quality of thinking and acting over and over. It is a delight working with you. I hope to see you again soon.

Colin Donnelly

Colin Donnely

I just returned from Montreal and Minneapolis, trying to schlep some wares and found the copies of Maximum Pumptitude, which you promised. I went to get a Starbucks and turned the first page. I’m not trying to pumptitude your ego, I’m just being honest. I turned every page, enjoying each story, each motivational reminder, new quotes, old quotes. The read was very enjoyable and motivating. As I read, I could hear your voice, almost as if I [were] listening to an audio book. You taking the time to put these stories together and share what makes you tick is a treasure. Both books will go into my Life Chest, and when I miss you, I can read a few chapters and “listen” to you share your wisdom. Great job!!!

Tracie Werblow Granata

Tracie Granata

I read in Kim’s book that, ‘Millions of people wake up every morning and say that they want change,’ and I can say that I have been among those millions at many times in my life, in many different areas of my life. What better place to make change and take an interest in changing than making a commitment with your new husband on your way to your honeymoon, with a suitcase full of your favorite shoes and great personal development books that a great friend recommended. Pumptitude and Maximum Pumptitude are exactly what I needed to FIRE UP. As the general manager of Bay Athletic Club in Alpena, MI and as an owner of my own Beachbody Health and Fitness business, I have learned how important personal development is. You can only grow as a leader when you continuously learn. If you aren’t learning, you are dying as a leader. I do not know Kim personally, but I feel like his books were meant to be in my life at this time. The books were amazing and my top takeaways were:

  1. Finding your Power Hour – With the 23-hour day, you can have that one hour for YOU! Use this hour to find your commitment to yourself, your goals, and your drive. It only takes one hour and this is what can move you forward and drive your needle.
  2. Commitment and the Power of the Third Really. People may be interested with just one “really,” but they are really committed with that third “really.” I’ve learned that you must work with the people who are as driven as you. If people are only interested, move forward and work with the willing.
  3. Never stay satisfied at mediocre, also known as 5,000 ft. The most successful people keep climbing to the 30,000 ft. mark. Stay hungry for your goals and you’ll keep climbing. Don’t take that foot off the accelerator and you’ll reach success in all areas of your life.

Walking the beach and talking about this book with my husband really helped our relationship as newlyweds. Relationships are so important for success, and communication is so important in relationships. These books create great conversations that nurture and feed our personal and professional lives. As a couple, we now have reasons to aim higher and work harder. We have goals. We have dreams. We “really, really, really” WILL create the best life possible for ourselves.

I will use these 68 ways in this book to have a great marriage and a great life. Listen, absorb and take action – that is all you need.

Jon Gadbois

Jon Gadbois

Let me begin by saying that I was very inspired in reading both of your books. Let me also say that it was a truly extraordinary experience being able to see you speak at the 2013 Las Vegas furniture market at the FMG Symposium. Thank you for all that you’ve already given me. It has taken me to new heights in both my personal and occupational life. Sincerely, thank you. In an odd way, I almost feel as if you’ve already begun to mentor me through your books. You’re an inspiration to me as a fellow retail man, and as a lifelong learner.