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Donna Yost and Julie Donegan are Certified Celebrants trained by InSight Institute. Celebrants are dedicated to providing a personalized Life Tribute that reflects the lifestyle and beliefs of the individual. Find out more here.  


CEO Donna Yost with her husband, 

Life Chest Founder Kim Yost

Kristi Sainchuk's Life Chest Story

Kristi Sainchuk's Life Chest Story


Mike Elliot's Life Chest Story

Mike Elliot's Life Chest Story


The Newest in The Life Chest Book Series


What is a Life Chest?

The Life Chest™ is the modern hope chest – an heirloom quality keepsake chest to hold life’s most precious memories. With a velvet-lined interior, removable divider, and mounted photo frame, The Life Chest™ is not your grandmother’s cedar chest! The Life Chest™ accompanies families and individuals through every phase of their life; from a major milestone to the most intimate memories. 

How large is a Life Chest? 

 The Life Chest™ products vary in dimensions, but in general there are three sizes: Life Chest, Memory Box and Pet Chest.

 The largest Life Chest is  

31” wide x 15.5” deep x 17” high 

– the size of an ottoman or small coffee table

The smallest Memory Box is  

11” wide x 8” deep x 6” high  

– the size of a jewelry box

What is special about The Life Chest? 

 The Life Chest™ cannot be compared to any other storage chest. Not only does each Life Chest include premium features, but it is a statement piece for your home. Designed by leading furniture designers and made by an award-winning manufacturer, each Life Chest is built for beauty and durability.

Why do I need a Life Chest?

 Throughout a lifetime, personal keepsakes accumulate completely unique to you and your experiences.  More often than not, those keepsakes, no matter how arbitrary, hold valuable memories which we revisit whenever we touch or see them. In this digital age, when are moving so quickly, it is important to preserve those keepsakes – not only for our own enjoyment but to leave a legacy for future generations. 

What is The Life Chest Movement? 

 The Life Chest Movement connects people who celebrate living intentionally and believe in the power of shared experiences. By sharing our personal history, we strengthen our connection to others and better understand the world around us. 

 How Can I Join? 

To join The Life Chest movement: 

1)  Purchase a Life Chest that fits your personal style.

2)  Fill your Life Chest with your keepsakes. 

3)  Show your family and friends your Life Chest and share the significance of each memento.

4) Share your story (we love photos & videos!) on our Facebook, Instagram, or email to info@life2000ltd.com. By sharing your story, you will inspire and encourage others to live intentionally and leave a legacy. For inspiration – see Mike’s Life Chest Story.